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Snippet Name: Avoid overlapping months and years

Description: Useful way to group data by week to avoid the quandary of weeks overlapping months and years.

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Language: PL/SQL
Highlight Mode: PLSQL
Last Modified: March 12th, 2009

CURSOR x_cur IS 
SELECT  DISTINCT SUBSTR(TO_CHAR(date1),4,3) m, SUBSTR(TO_CHAR(date1),1,2) w, COUNT (*) cnt
FROM cpad_errors
GROUP BY SUBSTR(TO_CHAR(date1),4,3), SUBSTR(TO_CHAR(date1),1,2);
x_rec x_cur%ROWTYPE;
week_var NUMBER;
     EXECUTE IMMEDIATE 'truncate table week_test';
     OPEN x_cur;
     FETCH x_cur INTO x_rec;
     EXIT WHEN x_cur%notfound;
     IF TO_NUMBER(x_rec.w) < 8 
     THEN week_var := 1;
     ELSIF TO_NUMBER(x_rec.w) < 15 AND TO_NUMBER(x_rec.w) > 7 
     THEN week_var := 2;
     ELSIF TO_NUMBER(x_rec.w) < 22 AND TO_NUMBER(x_rec.w) > 16
     THEN week_var := 3;
     ELSE week_var := 4;
     END IF;
     INSERT INTO week_test (WEEK_NUM, TTL, MNTH)
     VALUES (week_var, x_rec.cnt, x_rec.m);
     END LOOP;
     CLOSE x_cur;
END weekly_proc;
SELECT mnth|| ' week '|| week_num, SUM(ttl)
FROM week_test
GROUP BY mnth|| ' week '|| week_num;

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