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Snippet Name: Date Functions: SYSDATE

Description: Returns the current date and time set for the operating system on which the database resides.

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Language: PL/SQL
Highlight Mode: PLSQL
Last Modified: March 03rd, 2009

-- Example syntax used with TO_CHAR and a format mask:
Format Mask Definitions:
 - D: Day of the week
 - DD: Day of the month
 - DDD: Numerical day of the year, 1 ~ 365 (366 for Leap years)
 - DAY: Full textual representation of the day, i.e. "Monday", "Tuesday", "Wednesday"
 - DY: Day in three letters, i.e. "MON", "TUE", "FRI"
 - W: Week of the month
 - WW: Week of the year
 - MM: Month in two digits, i.e. 01 = Jan, 02 = Feb,...12 = -Dec
 - MON: Month in three characters, i.e. "Jan", "Feb", "Apr"
 - MONTH: Full textual representation of the Month, i.e. "January", "February", "April"
 - RM: Month in Roman Characters (I-XII, I-Jan, II-Feb,...XII-Dec)
 - Q: Quarter of the Month
 - YY: Last two digits of the year.
 - YYYY: Full year
 - YEAR: Year in words like "Nineteen Eighty Seven"
 - HH: Hours in 12 hour format 
 - HH12: Hours in 12 hour format
 - HH24: Hours in 24 hour format ("military time")
 - MI: Minutes
 - SS: Seconds
 - FF: Fractional Seconds
 - SSSSS: Milliseconds
 - J: Julian Day i.e Days since 1-Jan-4712BC to till-date
 - RR: If the year is less than 50 then Oracle considers the year 
   as a 21st century date. If the year is greater than 50 then Oracle 
   considers the year to be in the 20th century

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