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The Oracle PL/SQL NEW_TIME function converts a datetime value in a timezone to a datetime equivalent in another timezone. It accepts date input, current timezone and target timezone as its parameters.

Example Syntax:

NEW_TIME(date, timezone 1, timezone 2)

Timezone 2 is the current timezone of input Date. The function returns its equivalent in timezone 1. Note that NLS_DATE_FORMAT parameter must be set in the 24 hour time format before using the NEW_TIME function.

Example Usage:

The SQL example below returns the PST timezone equivalent of date in the EST timezone.

SELECT NEW_TIME(TO_DATE('12-14-10 12:26:34', 'MM-DD-YY HH24:MI:SS'),'PST', 'EST')  "Time in PST"

Time in PST
14-DEC-2010 15:26:34

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