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Oracle Error: ORA-01403

Error Description:
No data found

Error Cause:
In a host language program, all records have been fetched. The return code from the fetch was +4, indicating that all records have been returned from the SQL query.

In other words, this error occurs when a SQL statement, written within a PL/SQL block, does not fetch any data.

This may be because you executed a SELECT INTO statement and no rows were returned, or you referenced an uninitialized row in a table, or because you read past the end of file with the UTL_FILE package.

Terminate processing for the SELECT statement.

This error is often associated with the SELECT INTO clause. To avoid ORA-01403, the PL/SQL has to contain exceptions or the query will offer no values to the defined variable. If the exceptions are not defined properly, you will encounter ORA-01403.

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