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In Oracle, the static dictionary view USER_REPCAT_TEMPLATE_PARMS maintains the parameters defined in the DDL statement object for all the deployment templates, which are owned by the current user. Note that every time an object is added to the template, a new entry containing DDL related object parameters is made into this view. The structure of the view is shown below.

refresh_template_name [VARCHAR2(30)]- Deployment template name
owner [VARCHAR2(30)]- Deployment template owner
refresh_group_name [VARCHAR2(30)]- Refresh group associated with the object during the instantiation process.
template_comment [VARCHAR2(2000)]- User comments.
public_template [VARCHAR2(1)]- Determines whether deployment template is public or private
parameter_name [VARCHAR2(30)]- Parameter name
default_parm_value [CLOB]- Ddefault parameter value
prompt_string [VARCHAR2(2000)]- Prompt string for the parameter
user_override [VARCHAR2(1)]- Decides whether user can override the default parameter value or not.

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