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In Oracle PL/SQL, the the USER_REPCAT table is used to maintain the status of administrative requests generated at the master site.
The structure of the USER_REPCAT dictionary view is shown below.

SNAME [VARCHAR2 (30)] - Schema name containing the replicated object
MASTER [VARCHAR2 (1)] - Determines whether current site is a master site or not
STATUS [VARCHAR2 (9)] - Status of the administrative request
SCHEMA_COMMENT [VARCHAR2 (80)] - User comments, if any
GNAME [VARCHAR2 (30)] - Replicated group name
FNAME [VARCHAR2 (30)] - Flavor name
RPC_PROCESSING_DISABLED [VARCHAR2 (1)] - Determines whether processing through a Remote Procedure Call is enabled or disabled
OWNER [VARCHAR2 (30)] - Owner of the replicated group

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