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Term: MODE

In Oracle PL/SQL, MODE is a general term used to describe permissible values allowed for a clause in a statement which performs some action. Each mode carries its own features and effects. For example, a database can operate in NOARCHIVELOG mode (media recovery disabled) or ARCHIVELOG mode (media recovery enabled). In short, a MODE is a defined method of operation.

These are a few examples of modes available in Oracle along with their context usage:

  1. INSERTS can be done in SERIAL or PARALLEL mode

  2. From Oracle 11g version, an INDEX can be created in VISIBLE or INVISIBLE mode

  3. From Oracle 11g version, a table can be created in READ-ONLY mode or READ-WRITE mode

  4. A DML trigger can be created in ENABLED or DISABLED mode

  5. A table can be locked in SHARE or EXCLUSIVE mode

  6. Parameters can be passed in IN, OUT and IN OUT modes

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