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In Oracle PL/SQL, the ALL_REPGENOBJECTS dictionary view maintains information about all the objects in the database which are generated for replication. The structure of the view is shown below.

SNAME [VARCHAR2(30)] - The name of the replicated schema.
ONAME [VARCHAR2(30)] - The name of the generated object.
TYPE [VARCHAR2(12)] - The type of the generated object, either PACKAGE, PACKAGE BODY, TRIGGER , or INTERNAL PACKAGE.
BASE_SNAME [VARCHAR2 (30)] - The base object's owner.
BASE_ONAME [VARCHAR2(30)] - The object for which this object was generated.
BASE_TYPE [VARCHAR2(12)] - The type of the base object.
PACKAGE_PREFIX [VARCHAR2(30)] - The prefix for the package wrapper.
PROCEDURE_PREFIX [VARCHAR2(30)] - The procedure prefix for the package wrapper.
DISTRIBUTED [VARCHAR2(1)] - This column is obsolete.
REASON [VARCHAR2(30)] - The reason the object was generated.

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