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In Oracle PL/SQL, the static dictionary view ALL_REPCAT_USER_PARM_VALUES maintains the template parameters for all deployment templates contained in the database, which can be accessed by the current user. The view is populated when a template, which is accessible by the current user, is instantiated.

The structure of the dictionary view is as below.

REFRESH_TEMPLATE_NAME[VARCHAR2(30)] - Deployment template name
OWNER[VARCHAR2(30)] - Deployment template owner
REFRESH_GROUP_NAME[VARCHAR2(30)] - Refresh group associated during the instantiation process.
TEMPATE_COMMENT[VARCHAR2(2000)] - User comments.
PUBLIC_TEMPLATE[VARCHAR2(1)] - Determines whether the template is public or private
PARAMETER_NAME[VARCHAR2(30)] - Parameter name
DEFAULT_PARM_VALUE[ CLOB(4000)] - Default value for the parameter.
PROMPT_STRING[ VARCHAR2(2000)] - The prompt string for the parameter.
PARM_VALUE[ CLOB(4000)] - For a user, a value can be defined for the parameter in this column
USER_NAME[VARCHAR2(30)] - Username for whom the above value (PARM_VALUE) is defined

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