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In Oracle PL/SQL, ALL_REPAUDIT_COLUMN table is used to maintain the columns metadata in shadow tables for replicated tables which are accessible to the currently logged in user.

The structure of the view is as below.

SNAME[VARCHAR2 (30)] - Owner of the shadow table
ONAME[VARCHAR2 (30)] - Name of the shadow table
COLUMN_NAME[VARCHAR2 (30)] - Name of the column in the shadow table
BASE_SNAME[VARCHAR2 (30)] - Owner of replicated table
BASE_ONAME[VARCHAR2 (30)] - Name of the replicated table
BASE_CONFLICT_TYPE[VARCHAR2 (10)] - Type of conflict
BASE_REFERENCE_NAME[VARCHAR2 (30)] - Table name, unique constraint name, or column group name
ATTRIBUTE[VARCHAR2 (30)] - Description of the attribute

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