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Snippet Name: Converting Rows to Columns

Description: Easy ways to convert rows to columns in Oracle PL/SQL.

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Language: PL/SQL
Highlight Mode: PLSQL
Last Modified: April 04th, 2010

SELECT location , SUM(pizza_amt) AS pizza_sales,SUM(burger_amt) AS burger_sales,SUM(salad_amt) AS salad_sales
SELECT location , DECODE(prod_name,'PIZZA',sales_amt,0) pizza_amt,
        DECODE(prod_name,'BURGER',sales_amt,0) burger_amt,
         DECODE(prod_name,'SALAD',sales_amt,0) salad_amt
FROM prod_sales)
GROUP BY location
/* An alternate way to decode for changing rows to cols: */
SELECT  location,SUM(pizza) AS pizza , SUM(burger) AS burger , SUM(salad) AS salad
SELECT location ,
WHEN prod_name = 'PIZZA' THEN sales_amt ELSE 0 END  AS pizza ,
WHEN prod_name = 'BURGER' THEN sales_amt ELSE 0 END  AS burger,
WHEN prod_name = 'SALAD' THEN sales_amt ELSE 0 END  AS salad
FROM prod_sales)
GROUP BY location;

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