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Oracle Files
Version 11.1
addmrpt.sql Automatic Database Diagnostic Monitor (ADDM) report
addmrpti.sql Automatic Database Diagnostic Monitor (ADDM) report
addmtmig.sql Post upgrade script to load new ADDM task metadata tables
ashrpt.sql Active Session History (ASH) report
ashrpti.sql Active Session History (ASH) report
awrblmig.sql AWR Baseline Migration
awrddinp.sql Retrieves dbid,eid,filename for SWRF and ADDM Reports
awrddrpt.sql Produces Workload Repository Compare Periods Report
awrextr.sql Helps users extract data from the AWR
awrinfo.sql Outputs general Automatic Workload Repository (AWR) information such as the size and data distribution
awrinput.sql Common code used for SWRF reports and ADDM
awrload.sql Uses DataPump to load information from dump files into the AWR
awrrpt.sql Automated Workload Repository (AWR) report
awrrpti.sql Automated Workload Repository (AWR) report
awrsqrpi.sql Reports on differences in values recorded in two different snapshots
awrsqrpt.sql Produces a workload report on a specific SQL statement 
catalog.sql Builds the data dictionary views
catblock.sql Creates views that dynamically display lock dependency graphs
catclust.sql Builds DBMS_CLUSTDB built-in package
caths.sql Installs packages for administering heterogeneous services
catio.sql Allows I/O to be traced on a table-by-table basis
catnoawr.sql Script to uninstall AWR features
catplan.sql Builds PLAN_TABLE$: A public global temporary table version of PLAN_TABLE.
catrman.sql Creates recovery manager tables and views
dbmshptab.sql Permanent structures supporting DBMS_HPROF hierarchical profiler
dbmsiotc.sql Analyzes chained rows in index-organized tables.
dbmspool.sql Enables DBA to lock PL/SQL packages, SQL statements, and triggers into the shared pool.
dumpdian.sql Allows one to dump Diana out of a database in a human-readable format
hangdiag.sql Hang diagnosis script
soctt.sql Creates the SCOTT schema objects and loads the data
secconf.sql Secure configuration script
spauto.sql SQL*PLUS command file to automate the collection of STATPACK statistics.
spcreate.sql Creates the STATSPACK user, table, and package.
sppurge.sql Purges a range of STATSPACK data
sprepcon.sql STATSPACK report configuration.
sprepsql.sql Defaults the dbid and instance number to the current instance connected-to, then calls sprsqins.sql to produce the standard Statspack SQL report
sprsqins.sql STATSPACK report.
sql.bsq Drives the creation of the Oracle catalog and data dictionary objects.
tracetab.bsq Creates tracing table for the DBMS_TRACE built-in package.
userlock.sql Routines that allow the user to request, convert and release locks.
utlchain.sql Creates the default table for storing the output of the analyze list chained rows command.
utlchn1.sql Creates the default table for storing the output of the analyze list chained rows command.
utlconst.sql Constraint check utility to check for valid date constraints.
utldim.sql Build the Exception table for DBMS_DIMENSION.VALIDATE_DIMENSION.
utldtree.sql Shows objects recursively dependent on given object.
utlexcpt.sql Builds the Exception table for constraint violations.
utlexpt1.sql Creates the default table (EXCEPTIONS) for storing exceptions from enabling constraints. Can handle both physical and logical rowids.
utllockt.sql Prints the sessions in the system that are waiting for locks, and the locks they are waiting for.
utlip.sql Can be used to invalidate all existing PL/SQL modules (procedures, functions, packages, types, triggers, views) in a database so that they will be forced to be recompiled later on either automatically or deliberately.
utlpwdmg.sql Creates the default Profile password VERIFY_FUNCTION.
utlrp.sql Recompiles all invalid objects in the database.
utlsxszd.sql Calculates the required size for the SYSAUX tablespace.
utltkprf.sql Grants public access to all views used by TKPROF with verbose=y option
utltscln.sql Copies a snapshot schema from another snapshot site


Creates the default table for storing the output of the analyze validate command on a partitioned table
utlxplan.sql Builds PLAN_TABLE: Required for Explain Plan, DBMS_XPLAN, and AUTOTRACE (replaced by catplan.sql)
utlxplp.sql Displays Explain Plan from PLAN_TABLE using DBMS_XPLAN built-in. Includes parallel run information
utlxpls.sql Displays Explain Plan from PLAN_TABLE using DBMS_XPLAN built-in. Does not include parallel query information
utlxrw.sql Builds the REWRITE_TABLE for EXPLAIN_REWRITE tests
xdbvlo.sql Validates XML DB schema objects
glogin.sql SQL*Plus global login "site profile" file. Add any SQL*Plus commands here that are to be executed when a user starts SQL*Plus, or uses the SQL*Plus CONNECT command.
plustrce.sql Creates the PLUSTRACE role required to use AUTOTRACE
pupbld.sql Creates PRODUCT_USER_PROFILE
dfltaccpwd.sql Checks for default accounts with default passwords
hanganalyze.sql Hang analysis script for stand-alone databases
hanganalyzerac.sql Hang analysis script for RAC clusters
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