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We have over 18,000 Oracle Error Codes currently indexed for searching, including error codes for SQL*Loader, RMAN, NNL, TNS, DRG, IMG, PCC, LPX, LSX, and many others.

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ORA-00000: Normal, successful completion
ORA-00001: Unique constraint (string.string) violated
ORA-00017: Session requested to set trace event
ORA-00018: Maximum number of sessions exceeded
ORA-00019: Maximum number of session licenses exceeded
ORA-00020: Maximum number of processes (string) exceeded
ORA-00021: Session attached to some other process; cannot ...
ORA-00022: Invalid session ID; access denied
ORA-00023: Session references process private memory; cann...
ORA-00024: Logins from more than one process not allowed i...
ORA-00025: Failed to allocate string
ORA-00026: Missing or invalid session ID
ORA-00027: Cannot kill current session
ORA-00028: Your session has been killed
ORA-00029: Session is not a user session
ORA-00030: User session ID does not exist.
ORA-00031: Session marked for kill
ORA-00032: Invalid session migration password
ORA-00033: Current session has empty migration password
ORA-00034: Cannot string in current PL/SQL session
ORA-00036: Maximum number of recursive SQL levels (string)...
ORA-00037: Cannot switch to a session belonging to a diffe...
ORA-00038: Cannot create session: server group belongs to ...
ORA-00040: Active time limit exceeded - call aborted
ORA-00041: Active time limit exceeded - session terminated
ORA-00042: Unknown Service name string
ORA-00050: Operating system error occurred while obtaining...
ORA-00051: Timeout occurred while waiting for a resource
ORA-00052: Maximum number of enqueue resources (string) ex...
ORA-00053: Maximum number of enqueues exceeded
ORA-00054: Resource busy and acquire with NOWAIT specified
ORA-00055: Maximum number of DML locks exceeded
ORA-00056: DDL lock on object "string.string" is already h...
ORA-00057: Maximum number of temporary table locks exceeded
ORA-00058: DB_BLOCK_SIZE must be string to mount this data...
ORA-00059: Maximum number of DB_FILES exceeded
ORA-00060: Deadlock detected while waiting for resource
ORA-00061: Another instance has a different DML_LOCKS setting
ORA-00062: DML full-table lock cannot be acquired; DML_LOC...
ORA-00063: Maximum number of log files exceeded string
ORA-00064: Object is too large to allocate on this O/S (st...
ORA-00065: Initialization of FIXED_DATE failed
ORA-00067: Invalid value string for parameter string; must...
ORA-00068: Invalid value string for parameter string, must...
ORA-00069: Cannot acquire lock -- table locks disabled for...
ORA-00070: Command string is not valid
ORA-00071: Process number must be between 1 and string
ORA-00072: Process "string" is not active
ORA-00073: Command string takes between string and string ...
ORA-00074: No process has been specified
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