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Oracle Error: ORA-01410

Error Description:
Invalid ROWID

Error Cause:
A ROWID was entered incorrectly. ROWIDs must be entered as formatted hexadecimal strings using only numbers and the characters A through F.

A typical ROWID format is '000001F8.0001.0006'.

A relatively frequent cause of the error comes from the habit of using automatic programs to rebuild multiple indexes.

For example, if you rebuild an index, Oracle will copy the index contents from one location to another and when the copy is complete, it will free up the space that held the original index contents. If there is a long running query that started before the rebuild the query will carry on running using the old index. If some other process now demands the space and puts something into it (perhaps by creating or extending a table or index), if the long-running query hits the old index it may suddenly find itself looking at a block that contains the wrong type of data for the wrong object id. When this happens an ORA-01410 error is produced.

Check the format, then enter the ROWID using the correct format. The ROWID format is: block ID, row in block, file ID. If you know the block id, you may be able to use a statement such as:

DELETE FROM <table> WHERE ROWID LIKE '<block id>%'

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