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The Oracle Call Interface (OCI) is an application programming interface (API) through which developers can make use of C and C++ functions to interact with an Oracle database server. It is very useful when building large applications. OCI also allows control over SQL statement execution, data types, hosting environments, and invoking subprograms.

The Oracle Call Interface is used with the help of OCI library, which acts as an interpreter between application layer and database layer protocol. The following libraries are all based on top of OCI:

  1. Oracle JDBC-OCI,
  2. ODP.Net,
  3. Oracle Precompilers,
  4. Oracle ODBC and
  5. Oracle C++ Call Interface (OCCI)
  6. Oracle's OLE DB Driver
  7. Microsoft's ODBC Driver for Oracle
  8. Easysoft's ODBC-Oracle Driver
  9. Trolltech's Qt C++ toolkit OCI driver (QOCI)
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