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In Oracle PL/SQL, the static dictionary view ALL_REPCAT_TEMPLATE_SITES maintains the information of the template instance's current status in an enterprise network.

The structure of the dictionary view is as below.

refresh_template_name [VARCHAR2(30)]- Deployment template name
refresh_group_name [VARCHAR2(30)]- Refresh group associated during the instantiation process.
template_owner [VARCHAR2(30)]- Deployment template owner
user_name [VARCHAR2(30)]- User instantiating the deployment template
site_name [VARCHAR2(128)]- Deployment template's target materialized view
repapi_site_name [VARCHAR2(128)]- Column to be used in further releases of database
status [VARCHAR2(10)]- Status of the deployment template (0=Not Installed,1=Installed,-1 = Installed with errors )
instantiation_date [DATE]- The date when the template was instantiated

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